some little things around the drum such as bag, strap, cream and fabric.
any thing you want, contact us to get it for you

Mortars 1089 until 1093:

1 kg, 12 cm wide, 12 to 16 cm high.

The African “magi mix”. Those are small ones for small cooking, preparation of spices, natural medicine use, or just as a decoration. As they’re made out of gueni, they’re durable and strong enough for hard work.



Mortars 1094:

1.3 kg, 15 cm wide, 21 cm high.

The African “magi mix”. This one is a bit bigger than the previous ones, good for small cooking, preparation of spices, natural medicine use, or just as a decoration. It is made out of dougoura wood also durable and strong enough for hard work.

tamtam 1089--1094.jpg

Djembe hat 1100:

to protect the skin of your djembe in style, made out of cotton fabric, foam and an elastic to tight it.

price: 80 nis

tamtam 1100 (1).JPG
tamtam 1100 (2).JPG

Djembe strap 1101:

made out of polyester, 5 cm wide.
this strap has two pieces of Velcro at each end to attach and adjust easily.
simple and durable

price: 60 nis

tamtam 1101.JPG
tamtam 1101.jpg

Djembe bag 1098:

made out of "cordora 600" fabric, foam all over and extra foam on top and bottom for extra protection.
The bag is black with different color for the cover, with a pocket on the side for tour accessories.

it has a handle and 2 adjustable strap

price: 300 nis

tamtam 1098 (3).JPG
tamtam 1098 (1).JPG
bag 2 01.jpg

Cocoa butter cream 1096-1097:

keep your hands moist and nourish your skin with cocoa butter.
rich in vitamin E, this cream prevent stiffness of the skin, cracks, and is as well a good protection for the sun.


small, 1096: 50 nis

big, 1097: 120 nis

tamtam 1096-1097 a.jpg
tamtam 1096-1097 a.jpg

African chair 1077:

made out of 2 pieces of "gueni" wood fitting into one another, this chair is easy to carry and durable.
price: 350 nis

tamtam 1077-1078 a.jpg
tamtam 1077 b.jpg


Goat skin 1095:

after triple check, we selected the best goat skins for you.
already shaved, you can see the design and will save you a lot of work.
from thin to extra thick, you'll be able to fit it on your drum for your favorite sound.

price: 120 nis, discount on 10 skins purchase

tamtam 1095 a.jpg


Calf skin 1099:

thicker and stronger than goat, already cut in rounds.

this skin will give a special sound to your drum, warmer and at the same time with crispy slaps.

price: 200 nis