looking for a light drum but professional as well?

Melina is a light wood usually used to make dununs and it also fits for djembe.

It weights from 6 to 7.5 kilos (20-30 % less than heavy woods).

Curved professionally, the djembe in melina gives dry sounds and a deep bass.

Easy to play, easy to carry.

great for beginner players and professional moving a lot.

PRICE : 1500 nis

djembe 1121

tamtam 1121.jpg
tamtam 1121 (1).jpg

djembe 1140

tamtam 1140.jpg
tamtam 1140 (1).jpg

djembe 1142

tamtam 1142.jpg
tamtam 1142 (1).jpg

djembe 1144

tamtam 1144.jpg
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djembe 1145

tamtam 1145.jpg
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djembe 1146

tamtam 1146.jpg
tamtam 1146 (1).jpg