special sizes, shape or sound, those drums are out of range for special playing.

made out of rare pieces of wood with exceptional carving care and skin mounting, those drums are for special occasions.

Djembe 1032:

12.5 kg, 41 cm wide, 64 cm high, extra thick calf skin

Bobo style, djalla wood.

This is a bass drum with very deep low sounds but with power comparable to other djembes, bass drums are the between dununs and djembes. This one is a top quality drum able mounted with a super thick calf skin.

price: 2000 nis

tamtam 1032 b.jpg
tamtam 1032 a.jpg

Djembe 1040:

12.7 kg, 44 cm wide, 63 cm high

It is extremely rare to find a one color heartwood piece of lenke big enough to achieve such a piece.

Inspired by the drum of Adama Drame and adding a touch of Ivory coast style, Pierre and 3 other master drum carvers created this amazing djembe, and then our master decorator worked hard on its’ leg design. The purpose of this drum is for different style of playing as it gives the widest range of sounds and rhythmic possibilities a djembe can offer, it’s like a piano...

price: 2500 nis

tamtam 1040 b.jpg
tamtam 1040 a.jpg

Djembe 1105:

8.3 kg, 35 cm diameter, 59 cm high, mounted with thick antelope skin
the combination of gueni wood and a thick antelope skin give a lot of power and sound precision for this bass drum.
this drum makes a bridge between dununs and djembe with a unique sound differentiating from the other drums.

price: 1800 nis

tamtam 1105 (2).jpg
tamtam 1105 (1).jpg

Djembe 1106:

8.6 kg, 34 cm diameter, 59 cm high, mounted with a thick ZEBRA skin!!!
even though it is smaller than usual , the combination of a one color heartwood lenke with a thick extremely hard zebra skin gives a precise and powerful bass drum, perfect for low tribal rhythms.

price: 2000 nis

tamtam 1106 (2).jpg
tamtam 1106 (1).jpg